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I learned that business can provide others access to fundamental human needs, such as economic empowerment of minorities and education.

In my career, I hope to be a corporate advocate for the empowerment of women, creating large-scale impact and deconstructing institutional boundaries that obstruct women from working in high-level positions. Working as a women’s rights activist will allow me to engage in creating lasting movements for equality, rather than contributing to a cycle that elevates the stances of wealthy individuals. rn” Thank God it’s Monday,” sneakily nestled in the upper right corner.

Although I attempt to love all my stickers equally (haha), this is one of my favorites. I always want my association with work to be positive. And there are many others, including the horizontal, yellow stripes of the Human Rights Campaign ” The Team,” a sticker from the Model G20 Economics Summit where I collaborated with youth from around the globe and stickers from ” Kode with Klossy,” a community of girls working to promote women’s involvement in underrepresented fields.

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When my computer dies (hopefully not for another few years), it will be like my passport expiring. It’ll be difficult leaving these moments and memories behind, but I probably won’t want these stickers in my 20s anyways (except Harry Styles, that’s never leaving). My next set of stickers will reveal my next set of aspirations.

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They hold the key to future paths I will navigate, knowledge I will gain, and connections I will make. rn- – -Cool, huh? And see what I mean about how you can write a strong personal statement without focusing on challenges you’ve faced?Going back to that “thread and beads” metaphor with the “My Laptop Sticker” essay:rn

  • The “beads” are the diverse encounters that website link to the values of creativeness, open-mindedness, humor, courage, and entrepreneurialism. rn
  • The “thread” (i. e.

    , the theme that ties every thing alongside one another) is her laptop stickers. Each and every 1 signifies a high-quality of the author’s individuality. Essentially, you will find a 2nd thematic thread: These features will also provide her in her women’s rights activism. Reward!The define that received her therernHere’s the outline for the “My Notebook Stickers” essay.

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    Detect how each and every bullet stage discusses a worth or values, connected to diverse activities by using her thread, and sets up the insights she could explore. (Perception, nevertheless, is the hardest element of the producing procedure, and will in all probability just take the most revision, so it’s great if you do not have good insights in an outline or initial draft. But you can want to get to them by your remaining draft.

    )She located this thread primarily by using The Five Items Training in conjunction with the other brainstorming exercises. Thread-Laptop computer Stickersrn

  • We <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" Design → art, design, experimentationrn
  • Ex: put in weekend developing web-sites, graphics for my companiesrn
  • Developed my possess stylern
  • Common Threads → authenticity, open up-mindedness

  • Ex: street artists, musicians in Austin

  • Developing not just consuming culture

  • Poop emoji → family, goofy aspect

  • Brother, interactions, thinking rationally

  • vuln.

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